Betaine Hydrochloride

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Betaine Hydrochloride betaine GCL food additive betaine


氯化胆碱 酒石酸氢胆碱 无水甜菜碱 一水甜菜碱 甜菜碱盐酸盐


1. It provides methyl and is an efficient methyl donor. Can partially replace methionine and Choline Chloride.

2. Participate in fat metabolism and promote protein synthesis. It can increase the area of eye muscle, increase lean meat rate and carcass quality, and improve carcass quality and pectoral muscle weight of broilers.

3. It has phagostimulant activity, can stimulate animals' sense of smell and taste, promote animals to eat, and improve the palatability and utilization rate of bait. It increases the intake and is the ideal phagostimulant.

4. It is a buffer substance for osmotic pressure shock. When osmotic pressure changes dramatically, Betaine Hydrochloride can effectively prevent cell water loss, improve the tolerance of objects to water shortage, high temperature, high salt and hypertonic environment, adjust the ion balance of water in animal intestinal tract, maintain intestinal function, and slow down the occurrence of diarrhea.

5. It has synergistic effect with anti-coccidial drugs to improve the curative effect. It is compatible with anti-coccidial drugs to play a buffering role, thus improving nutrient absorption rate and promoting poultry growth. 

6. Protect vitamins. Betaine Hydrochloride does not destroy vitamins in feed. In premix and concentrated feed, it has certain protective effect on the stability of VA and VB, and is an important raw material for producing antibiotics and biological fermentation.

7. It is a raw material for pharmaceutical industry and can be used for achlorhydria, atherosclerosis and liver diseases. It can increase fat metabolism, inhibit fat deposition in liver, and prevent fatty liver.

8. It has excellent hygroscopicity and its ph value is close to neutral, so it is used as humectant in the manufacture of toothpaste, shampoo and skin cream.

9. It can be used as humectant in food additives to make aviation bread.


Food, pharmaceutical and nutritional raw materials, and feed grade additives

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